Failed Mot? Can I drive my vehicle?

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An MOT is something that all motorists have to put their vehicle through each year. It thoroughly tests the engine and the external parts of the vehicle. However a lot of people are left asking that if a vehicle fails its MOT, can you drive it?

Asking a family friend or colleague is normally what most people do, which can sometimes result in getting the wrong information.

There is some confusion over expiry dates of tests and timescales to get the work completed. There are a few factors which need to be taken into account.

The law states each vehicle needs to have a valid MOT if not the insurance would be void.  If a vehicle fails its MOT it can potentially become dangerous which would cause hazards for the driver as well as other motorists on the roads. The current MOT becomes void even if it has a month before it expires once a new MOT is carried out. The short version is the new MOT which replaces the old MOT whether it passes or not.

The MOT test allows 10 working days to get the necessary work completed and a free re-test in that time. Many drivers think this means that driving the failed vehicle would be ok, which is untrue. A vehicle should not be driven if it has a failed MOT; the only place it can legally be driven is the journey from the MOT test centre to a garage where the work is being completed.

If a driver is caught without a valid MOT the consequences can be a fine or even a prosecution if the driver is aware of the fault on the vehicle.

Hopefully these are useful guidelines for you to follow to make sure your vehicle has a valid MOT to ensure you are safe on the road!

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