Lost luggage a plague on travellers

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The misery of lost luggage at airports affects more than 1,000 Britons every day, a study has found.

Research from travel insurance company InsureandGo shows lost or stolen baggage was second only to medical problems in the number of claims made last year.

According to the survey, an average of one bag was lost every eight seconds in 2008. This worked out as around 1,086 bags being lost each day.

The total value of claims in 2008 rose 8% to nearly £38 million, with the average claim per bag last year coming in at £95.66.

Passenger suspicion of baggage handlers was evident in the results, with 12% showing distrust of the airline employees. Fear of theft also coloured travellers opinions, as 12% of those who had lost their luggage believed it was stolen and 21% even resorted to packing less so they could get by with taking only hand luggage on trips.

InsureandGo founder Perry Wilson said: "Lost baggage remains one of the most common problems for holidaymakers.

"The average lost luggage claim cost has risen quite substantially, which suggests that either people are packing more expensive luggage, or they have started exaggerating the value of it."

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