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Insurance claims strange but true

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Some of the more unusual car insurance claims in recent years have involved a kicking camel, a naked pedestrian and a nut-throwing squirrel, new research has revealed.

Drivers have also cited decomposing carrots, a weary horse and a crashed Harrier jet as being to blame for damage caused to their vehicles, data from insurance company shows.

The kicking camel claim was backed up by CCTV footage which revealed the animal had kicked out at, and damaged, a car parked at a garden centre.

Camels were not the only animals to crop up on claim forms, with one driver claiming that their car windscreen was shattered by a nut thrown by a squirrel from a nearby tree, while another vehicle was damaged by a horse sitting on the bonnet.

In one incident a woman motorist filled the tank with shampoo after mistaking it for a container of petrol. And in another, a driver lost control of his vehicle and ended in a ditch after driving through liquid that had leaked onto the road from a large pile of decomposing carrots.

One claim involved damage cause when a naked pedestrian climbed onto a car's roof and jumped up and down, and another cited a melted windscreen after a Harrier jet had flown overhead, crash landed nearby and burst into flames.

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