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School run drives up claims

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The number of car insurance claims is set to rise when school run traffic returns to the road next month.

Motoring claims increase at the start of the new school year during the first two weeks of September, according to insurance retailer, Swinton.

The school run accounts for 20% of the cars on the road during peak times, causing the amount of car insurance claims to rise by 10%.

Roads surrounding schools have become increasingly busy with 41% of children being driven to school by their parents, according to the Department of Transport.

School gate crashes can be caused by drivers reversing out of school gates, rushing to drop kids off or manoeuvring across a road in a school zone.

Steve Chelton, Insurer Development Manager at Swinton said: "School zones are dangerous areas and drivers must be vigilant at all times. The start of the new school year is particularly bad because of the increased volume of traffic.

"If you have to drive your child to school then we recommend parking up a fair distance away and walking to the school together before saying goodbye."

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