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Uninsured motorists cost £500m

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Insured drivers are paying £500million a year for motorists who drive without car insurance.

British motorists are forking out an extra £31 a year for their car insurance premiums to cover the cost of the uninsured, according to research by YouGov.

The cost to British motorists is likely to be even higher, because the figure does not include any additional costs incurred by the 10% of UK drivers who become involved in accidents with drivers who are uninsured.

Research by YouGov has revealed that 87% of UK motorists feel that the government needs to do more to deter people from driving uninsured, with 79% of drivers believing that an average fine of £250 for driving without insurance is too low.

Theresa Villiers, Shadow Secretary of State for Transport said: "It is high time the Government took decisive action on this problem. The average penalty for an uninsured driving offence is a fraction of the cost of a year's car insurance, incentivising law-breaking. Motorists have had enough of footing the bill for uninsured drivers."

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