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Travellers ignore danger warnings

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Many travellers are putting themselves at risk by continuing to journey to dangerous destinations despite Foreign Office (FO) advice, a survey has revealed.

Insurance company LV found that over the past five years, 12% of Britons who have travelled abroad have visited countries on the Foreign Office "don't go" list, placing themselves at risk of having to make claims on their travel insurance on their return.

A further 8% of travellers are planning trips to these dangerous locations in the coming year, with a large percentage of these (16%) being aged between 18 and 24.

Almost 20% of those who had taken a risk going to one of these countries said they had done so because they were bored with "predictable" holiday resorts, while 17% said the "holiday fear factor" was all part of the experience.

Only half of the 1,990 adults polled were aware of the FO advice which warns against visiting areas in more than 30 countries, and almost half of travellers who were aware of the advice said they would still continue with their travel plans.

The results also showed that nearly half (46%) who had been to these risky destinations had been crime victims while away.

The biggest problems cited included stolen luggage, pickpocketing, bribe-seeking corrupt officials and aggressive begging.

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