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Home hiding places 'predictable'

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Britons are not the most original when it comes to thinking of the best hiding places for our most treasured possessions, new research has revealed.

The survey, for Halifax Home Insurance, asked homeowners which places in the home they identified as being the most typical hiding places for valuables.

Top of the list was under the bed, closely followed by the sock drawer and the top of the wardrobe. And in spite of identifying these places as 'typical, a massive 23% of homeowners still used them.

The research highlighted the fact that thieves know just where to look when targeting a property. Of those polled, 20% had been a victim of robbery and admitted that the thieves had indeed searched the most likely places.

David Rochester from Halifax Home Insurance said: "This research is proof we need to get smarter in our thinking on protecting our possessions. Safes are a good idea as this allows your possessions to be locked away. Opening a safe would be time consuming for a thief, or difficult to transport, therefore making the thief think twice about taking it."

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