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Seashore write-off for stuck 4x4

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Being swamped by the tide has meant a rapid car insurance policy small-print check for the owner of an expensive up-market Land Rover.

The motorist had become stuck in the sand at the water`s edge after backing a boat into the sea at Crow Point at Braunton, north Devon. As the driver tried to free it, the Freelander became more and more bogged down until it eventually bottomed out.

College lecturer Peter Stapleton witnessed the unfortunate incident while fishing on his jetski. He told the Western Morning News: "At first I saw what I thought was a roof rack and decided it needed to be pulled out before someone was hurt.

"But as I got closer I realised there was a vehicle attached to it. Once the tide had gone out, we looked inside - there were no fish, but there was water everywhere. It was definitely a write-off."

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