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Cyclists take aim at 4x4 drivers

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White Van Man has been ousted as the top hate figure for cyclists, according to a poll by electric bike specialists

That accolade is now given to tailgating Range Rover drivers, who head the hit-list of all 4x4s for their "road rage and reckless driving".

Next up are "smug" BMW drivers - closely followed by elderly people who are seen as "too slow" and not paying attention.

Bringing up the rear are bus drivers who stick too close to the curb and lorry drivers who do not look in their mirrors.

Four in five of the 2,000 cyclists surveyed said they felt vulnerable and in danger when riding on the road, and two thirds often road on the pavement to avoid bad drivers and others who may not have car insurance in the event of an accident.

Nearly half worried most about navigating roundabouts, while the other main concerns were blind bends and the approach to junctions.

Scott Snaith, spokesman at, said: "The startling figures in this poll should gradually improve as the roads become less crowded and motorist become more aware of all cyclists. Meanwhile, our customers are now reporting a definite reduction of road traffic on the roads."

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