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Flexible TomTom adapts to conditions

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UK motorists will be able to plan their routes ever more efficiently thanks to the launch of an updated TomTom sat-nav that provides route guidance by continuously adapting to fluctuating traffic conditions.

The new GO x40 LIVE uses an extended version of TomTom's IQ Routes technology to check the travel time history for every road for every day of the week at recorded at five minute intervals.

The device automatically calculates an alternative route if traffic conditions differ from the expected flows. The expected time of arrival is also adjusted.

The GO x40 LIVE automatically connects to TomTom's high definition traffic service to provide information such as the location of safety cameras and what petrol stations have the cheapest fuel prices.

TomTom High Definition Traffic service supplies current traffic information en route and is now available in the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

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