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Wales plans for future flood chaos

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Future flood damage in Wales is focussing the minds of householders and policymakers on the need for adequate household insurance cover and improved defences.

A far-reaching strategy for the next 100 years has openly acknowledge that not everyone can be protected from the misery of freak weather.

The future as set out in the Catchment Flood Management Plans (CFMPs) is to be revealed by the Environment Agency Wales later this month.

The plans are a long-term strategic response to the predicted increase in heavy rainfall, triggered by climate change and expected in Wales over the next 100 years.

They are part of a three-month consultation designed to start a wider debate on future flood management, and will include key organisations and community groups to gain valuable local knowledge.

The CFMPs are geography.

Chris Mills, director of Environment Agency Wales, said: "We have to put plans in motion now to collectively find the best solutions for dealing with increased volumes of water that will inevitably cause us problems in the future."

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