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Couple face second holiday trauma

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The collapse of travel company XL on Friday was the second major holiday disaster to befall one couple in the space of just a few months.

Maggi and Nick Bradgate, of Crowborough in East Sussex, were looking forward to a two-week holiday on the Greek island of Naxos when they were informed of the cancellation on their arrival at Gatwick.

Seven months ago, the couple were robbed at gunpoint on a safari holiday in a remote area of Namibia.

"We are unlucky," said Mrs Bradgate. "After our traumatic experience in February all we wanted to do was to get away for two weeks in the sun. But, after what happened to us before, all I can do is laugh - at least we're alive."

The Bradgates were in a party of nine tourists and three guides on a private game reserve when they were woken by a group of armed robbers and forced out of their tents at gunpoint. They had all their possessions, including their clothes, stolen.

They booked the latest ill-fated break when the money for their travel insurance claim arrived a few weeks ago.

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