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Seatbelt penalties set to double

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People caught not wearing their seatbelts will be hit with double the current fine under new plans by the Government.

Ministers are looking into raising the fixed penalty for non-compliance with seatbelt rules from £30 to £60.

A recent survey revealed that while 94% of drivers and 93% of front-seat passengers wear belts, only 70% of adult back-seat passengers "clunk and click".

Home Office Minister Vernon Coaker said: "The vast majority of motorists wear seatbelts but some drivers and passengers still choose not to, even though wearing a belt is a key factor in avoiding death or injury in a car crash.

"By increasing the fixed penalty we hope to deter more motorists from not wearing a seatbelt and underline to them and other road users the risks."

Road safety minister Jim Fitzpatrick said: "Wearing a seatbelt could save your life; it's as simple as that. Research is clear that around 350 lives in 2006 could have been saved by belting up.

"We are determined all drivers and passengers realise the importance of wearing a seat belt, both in the front and back of a vehicle."

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