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Speed-curbing trial hailed success

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A successful trial of a speed-limiter system in cars means that the scheme could be rolled out nationwide, the Government has announced.

The Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) technology is an in-car system that gives information on the speed limit for the road being travelled on. Tests showed that it has good road safety potential.

The Department for Transport (DfT) said that ISA has the potential to reduce the number of deaths and injuries on our roads and could be a useful road safety feature for drivers who wish to use it.

The DfT will now work with vehicle manufacturers, local authorities, insurance companies and others to consider what steps should be taken to support the future availability of the technology.

"We are clear that any future use of ISA is taken forward by the motoring industry in response to consumer demand, just as with other technologies available for consumers to purchase if they so choose," it said in a statement.

The trial revealed that a total of 54% of participants would be willing to have ISA installed in their vehicles if its use was voluntary. On average participants would be willing to pay £111 for the system.

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