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Road policing standards questioned

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The quality of road policing in the UK has been questioned by a road safety campaigner who has been inadvertently driving uninsured for two years.

Andrew McGavin has had legal and proper car insurance in place for all that time, but an error by his insurer meant that the details were not recorded properly on the Police National Computer.

The mistake arose when the letter 'O' on his number plate was incorrectly recorded by his insurer as the number '0', or nought.

However, Mr McGavin was unaware of the problem until he was stopped recently. "There was plenty of evidence I was using my car as I had taxed it, got an MOT and four months ago drove through a DVLA road tax camera unit," he said.

"Surely these different databases should be routinely cross referenced and potential offenders identified? The police could have used this evidence to challenge me about using my car without insurance."

Mr McGavin runs which has more than 16,000 examples of bad driving on Britain's roads reported by the public. The group now plans to write to the Government to demand the different motoring databases are used properly to identify uninsured drivers.

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