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Price of petrol empties fuel tanks

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Rising fuel costs has led to an increase in drivers running out of petrol, the AA have claimed.

As many as 20% of drivers have emptied their fuel tanks in recent weeks, according to an AA/Populus poll of 12,000 AA members. The survey found that younger drivers are the most likely to run on empty.

Not being able to find cheap fuel, thinking they could reach their destination and not having enough money were the main reasons given for running out of petrol.

AA president Edmund King said: "The high cost of fuel over the last 12 months means that more drivers have been running on empty. This week's record rebound in the price of oil raises the spectre again.

"Drivers need to remember that £40-worth of fuel will get them one third less distance than it did the same time last year.

"Drivers running on fumes need to remember that a breakdown in the middle of nowhere could turn out more costly than a few litres of fuel - particularly if a car is towed away to a safer location by a road authority firm, costing as much as £150."

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