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No payout on suspicious claims

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More than a third of suspicious motor and household insurance claims are either rejected or withdrawn after cross-examination, according to new figures.

Innovation Group, which is employed by insurers to investigate suspicious claims, said no payment was made on 41% of household and 36% of motor insurance claims that were referred to it during the first six months of the year. Investigative psychological interviewing techniques are used by the group to uncover the bogus claims.

The firm said the main reason for a payout not to be made was that the consumer could not show proof of purchase or that they decided to withdraw their claim after extensive investigation.

Nikki Grieve-Top, head of intelligent research and development at Innovation Group, said: "Throughout the interview process claimants are given various 'opt-out' points where they can walk away from a claim if it is suspicious.

"This often happens after one of our investigators cross examines the claim for any inconsistencies or the claimant simply becomes impossible to contact."

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