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Insurance advice for young drivers

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Younger drivers need to be honest when it comes to taking out a car insurance policy - or face the consequences, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has warned.

Newly-qualified drivers are often tempted to buy a "fronting" policy, whereby they claim that their parent is the main driver and that they themselves only use the vehicle occasionally.

But the ABI says that this can end up costing them far more in the long run if the insurer discovers they have been economical with the truth.

General insurance expert with the ABI Malcolm Tarling said that misleading a policy provider could mean claims are not met, and an increase of the cost of cover in future.

"If you think you are saving money now, it's false economy because you will be spending more for many years to come," he said.

There is a range of deals available to young drivers to make car insurance more affordable, the ABI said.

And recently-qualified drivers are urged to shop around when it comes to both insurance and the type of car they wish to buy. Insurers class cars into 20 groups, with a significant difference in the cost of insuring a vehicle depending on its group.

Car insurance costs twice the national average for drivers aged between 17 and 25, research for comparison website uSwitch found.

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