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Concerns over car crime increase

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Stressed motorists are more worried about car crime than they were a year ago, a survey has found.

Fears over theft and carjacking have caused 66% of men and 68% of women to admit that they worry about car crime at least some of the time and a third of people overall believe that car crime has increased in the past 12 months, according to research by Admiral.

The survey found that carjacking, which is the stealing of a vehicle by force, is now a major concern for UK drivers.

More than three-quarters of motorists do not think that current laws are tough enough on those who commit car crime.

But despite their anxiety, many people are still giving criminals an easy ride. More than 50% of drivers admit that they have left coats or jackets on display, and more than one in 10 have left their bags or handbags in full view.

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