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More speed cameras call in Ireland

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Without more speed cameras, more people will die on the roads of Ireland, the republic`s road safety tsar Gay Byrne has warned.

He told the Road Safety Authority (RSA) conference in Croke Park that he has been battling for funding for 600 private speed cameras.

He said that the Government must be set aside the money that was promised five years ago for the long-delayed roll-out of a private camera network.

He said: "Speed cameras are a very important component of the 126 points on our safety strategy. If not put into effect, they will most assuredly cost lives and the speed cameras are part and parcel."

Mr Byrne warned against the dangers of complacency on safety after it was revealed that road deaths fell by 36 this year compared with last year.

He said: "The problem with complacency is that governments tend to lurch from crisis to crisis. The danger is that governments will say that the crisis is taken care of.

"Our function in the RSA is to ensure they don't do that and that is why we're waiting for news tomorrow."

Mr Byrne was addressing the International Conference on Road Safety organised as part of Irish Road Safety Week.

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