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Public `back drink-drive limit cut`

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More than three-quarters of people would support a lower alcohol limit for drink-driving, a poll has revealed.

The survey comes ahead of a Government consultation which is expected to oppose a cut in the blood-alcohol limit from 80mg to 50mg.

But 77% of people would support that reduction, ITV's Tonight programme found after asking 2,903 people.

The survey also revealed 17% admitted that they had driven home after a night out thinking they were probably over the limit while 20% said they had driven the morning after drinking despite suspecting their blood-alcohol levels were too high.

In the programme an amateur football team, the Lotus 11 from Plymouth, were filmed as they drank after a match and tested the next morning to see how much alcohol was still in their blood.

They were found to be under the legal drink-drive limit but that prompted a doctor who oversaw the experiment to say the limit is too low.

Dr Mark Wright, a Southampton consultant specialising in hepatology, said: "I am more convinced that the limit for the breathalyser test has to be brought down. Some of those lads we tested were clearly inebriated and still smelled of alcohol."

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