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Most back elderly driver re-test

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Elderly drivers should have to take some form of re-test according to four in five motorists, it has emerged.

According to a poll by breakdown company Autonational Record, more than half of drivers aged 65 also backed the proposal.

The idea of re-testing drivers at 70 was backed by more than 40% of the 1,000 adults questioned, with 14% opting for a test every two years after a driver reaches 65.

While 12% thought 60 was an appropriate age for a re-test, 11% thought drivers should be re-tested if they had been involved in an accident and 13% reckoned there should be no re-test at all.

Autonational's marketing manager Ronan Hart said drivers over 70 are three-times more likely to be involved in a road accident than those aged 45 to 60.

He added: "Elderly drivers can, at present, carry on using their cars by declaring themselves fit on a self-assessment form, but it has been suggested that cognitive tests and eye examinations should be compulsory if an over-70 driver wants to carry on using the road."

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