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Essex tops league of fender-benders

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Essex men - and girls - are some of the most fender-bender-prone drivers in the country, according to windscreen-repair specialists Autoglass.

It reports that not only have two fifths of motorists in Chelmsford had bangs and scrapes, but a third of those have failed to own up.

The second and third worst offenders can be found in Brighton and Bristol, where around a third of errant drivers have dented doors and damaged paintwork.

Meanwhile, 5% of those questioned have admitted to scuffing cars in their work car park and not telling the boss.

The poll shows that close encounters of the car insurance-claiming kind are most likely to happen in supermarket car parks and residential streets, which account for a fifth of accidents.

A total of 31% of men and 29% of women admitted accidentally bumping another car, according to Autoglass managing director Nigel Doggett.

He said: "Whether it's opening your door too wide and hitting the car parked next to you, or misjudging the distance between your own and another vehicle when parking, accidents do happen - and according to our research, very frequently."

The league table of shame is, from the top: Chelmsford, Brighton & Hove, Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester, Southampton, Liverpool, London, Birmingham, Cambridge and Edinburgh.

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