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Council rids town of speed cameras

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Swindon has become the first town in Britain to ditch fixed-point speed cameras after local councillors voted in favour of the move.

The Tory-run cabinet voted unanimously in favour of withdrawing from the Wiltshire and Swindon Safety Camera Partnership.

Councillor for highways, Peter Greenhalgh, first suggested the withdrawal from the partnership 12 months ago following changes to the funding of fixed-point cameras.

He objected to central Government receiving the cash from fines while Swindon Council had to pay for the maintenance of the cameras.

Speaking after the vote, he said that just because there would be no more fixed-point speed traps did not mean motorists cannot be caught, as police would still be out and about with hand-held speed-measuring devices.

Mr Greenhalgh added: "We will be working very closely with our partners, including police in the road safety partnership to deliver a plan that reduced the number of people being killed on the roads in Swindon."

He said that alternative speed-reducing measures were being considered by the Council, including the education and training of motorists.

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