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Drivers to be left 'in the dark'

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As the clocks revert back to Greenwich Mean Time drivers face one of the most treacherous times of the year for road traffic accidents, according to figures from a leading car insurance company.

The figures from MORE TH>N Business suggest the rapid decline in daylight is set to leave drivers quite literally 'in the dark' and struggling to see hazards on British roads.

MORE TH>N Business records show that vehicle accident claims surge by five per cent during the two weeks either side of the daylight saving changeover.

Head of MORE TH>N Business Mike Bowman said: "This is always the worst month of the year for motorists and our claims officers are already reporting a rising volume of vehicle accident claims."

As the number of daylight hours dwindle each week and fog and darkness set in, Mr Bowman said drivers must change their driving habits.

To help, the car insurance company offers drivers the following tips on safe motoring: angle your headlights properly, don't drink and drive, lower your speed and increase your following distances, don't overdrive your headlights and if you're feeling tired, stop and have a rest.

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