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Drivers ignorant of Highway Code

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Widespread ignorance of the Highway Code may lead to more accidents, which would impact on car insurance claims, according to a survey.

Fuel company TOTAL has found that nearly half of all drivers could not correctly answer more than half the questions asked about the code.

In particular, 76% did not know the correct stopping distance when travelling at 40mph, which in a worst-case scenario may lead to a serious accident.

According to the survey, in which the Local Authority Road Safety Officers' Association (LARSOA) was also involved, of the 1,240 drivers polled:

:: 98% thought they were safe drivers yet 53% do not own a copy of the Highway Code

:: 66% have not read the code in the last five years

:: 54% reckoned mobile phones were the biggest distraction on the road

:: 20% think the speed limit outside schools is 15mph when in fact it is 30mph

:: 33% did not know the meaning of the sign "school crossing patrol ahead

:: 46% were unaware of the correct distance at which a number plate ought to be read - 20 metres.

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