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Drivers under 25 'a risk on roads'

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More should be done to identify reckless young drivers after figures revealed 60% motorists convicted of uninsured driving are under 25, a motoring organisation has said.

A report published in the Institute of Advanced Motorists' (IAM') members' magazine, Advanced Driving, says potentially lethal uninsured drivers tend to be younger, male and live in urban areas. It revealed 60% caught with no insurance were under 25, with half aged under 20.

Neil Greig, IAM motoring trust director, said that a new 10-point plan was needed to prepare young people to drive safely on their own or with passengers after their test.

"These drivers have a high risk of crashing and there is a perception among their peers that they can 'get away with it'.

"Young people must be convinced that the only way to drive is fully licensed and insured. The majority of safe younger drivers should have their efforts supported. They should know that the police and justice system targets the reckless minority that break the law," he said.

"We know novice drivers, particularly those under 20, are most at risk in the early weeks after they pass their driving test," he added.

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