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Motor-ious bargains on the rise

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The price of cars has been driven down by the economic downturn with some customers saving 45% off the list price, a study has revealed.

Research by What Car? magazine has found many customers have been securing better deals than at any time in the last eight years with an average discount of £2,000.

For cash-conscious car buyers who are willing to shop around, the study shows it is now possible to get as much as £11,500 off a Jaguar XJ, and pay just £33,764.

What Car? has found the average discount is £1,932, £244 more than at the beginning of the year. Ford Fiestas have been on sale at 15% off and a Volkswagen Golf can be picked up with a 10% reduction.

Steve Fowler, editor of What Car?, said: "Even if you're not comfortable haggling on a price, it should be simple to get a brilliant bargain at the moment.

"With so few people dipping into their pockets, sales staff will be almost begging buyers to make an offer."

Sales of new cars have fallen continuously over the past three months and are predicted to carry on falling over winter, a notoriously slow time for the motor industry.

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