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£2m fund for breath-test devices

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Police will receive £2 million to introduce digital breath-testing equipment in a bid to free up resources, according to plans from the Government.

Road-safety minister Jim Fitzpatrick said the move would help forces to introduce targeted drink-drive checkpoints in order to strengthen deterrence.

The Government will also consult on the question of reducing the legal alcohol limit of 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. Mr Fitzpatrick said there would be a "very serious discussion" about whether to lower the limit during the consultation on the new proposals.

The outdated option for drivers caught moderately above the drink-drive limit to request a second test by a doctor and potentially fall back under the limit during the delay will also be reviewed, with the view of scrapping it altogether, he said.

Other proposals include the possible creation of a new offence to bring drug-driving more into line with drink-driving, which would make it illegal to drive after taking a drug "which is both illegal and impairing".

And a higher tariff of six penalty points on a licence for drivers who exceed the speed limit by a dangerous and very large margin - for example by more than 20mph - has been put forward.

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