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Motorists back good driving rewards

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Drivers who keep within the speed limit think they should be rewarded for their good driving, a survey has found.

Almost half of drivers backed the idea of speed cameras randomly 'flashing' motorists who observe limits and rewarding them with cash payouts as well as fining speeders.

The poll comes as the government unveiled plans to crackdown on speeding motorists with a higher fixed penalty of six points for those breaking the limit by 20mph or more.

But car insurance firm Swinton found many people supported a financial incentive to drive safely along with the existing system of fining bad drivers.

The You Gov poll showed 48% said the rethink would be welcome, with 44% against, and 9% unsure.

Steve Chelton, from Swinton, backed financial incentives for law-abiding drivers.

He said: "If just a tiny percentage of the fines from speeding drivers could be redistributed to drivers who stay within the speed limits, especially in accident black spots or outside schools, roadside cameras could become a much more potent weapon in the war against reckless motorists."

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