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Drivers punished for errors abroad

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The United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland have agreed on regulations that will see both nations' motoring citizens punished on home soil if they commit major driving offences in either country.

Motorists from both sides of the Irish sea hoping to avoid disqualification and huge hikes on any future car insurance will be denied the option of skipping back and having the offence forgotten.

The move means that UK drivers disqualified in the Republic will no longer escape punishment when they return home. Likewise, disqualifications earned by Irish drivers while in the UK will be recognised and enforced when they return to Ireland.

Road safety minister Jim Fitzpatrick said: "Britain has one of the best road safety records in the world but we need to do everything we can to improve even further.

"These measures will keep dangerous drivers off our roads by ensuring that disqualified drivers are not able to escape their punishment."

The agreement was the first to be drawn up under the terms of the 1998 European Convention on driving disqualifications but needs all 13 member states to ratify it before coming into force. However, the convention allows one EU member state to recognise another's driving disqualifications before all member states have ratified.

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