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Credit crunch helping beat burglars

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A leading insurer has predicted there will be fewer break-ins than usual this Christmas because burglars will be deterred by the number of people staying in.

A survey by AA Insurance shows that in the past 10% of all homeowners have had to claim on their home insurance after being victims of theft, but this year the credit crunch is proving a useful crime fighting tool.

As people cut back on spending, it is predicted 65% of people will choose to stay in rather than go out, so burglars will have fewer windows of opportunity to break-in.

Simon Douglas, AA Insurance director, said: "Although in times of economic downturn burglaries tend to increase, it seems that with fewer holidays being taken and less expensive possessions in the house, there could be fewer opportunities and incentives for thieves to strike.

"Yet it would be careless to assume you are untouchable."

For people still choosing to go out it would be wise to keep an close eye on possessions as there has been a 35% increase in thefts from bars over the past year, with London, Manchester and Birmingham reporting the most cases.

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