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Men 'more likely to drink drive'

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Men have been found to be 10 times more likely than women to drink and drive.

According to a survey, 10% of men believe it is still safe to drive after drinking between three and four units of alcohol, compared to just one in 100 women.

The poll by insurance company Diamond shows that among the 2,600 motorists questioned not one woman said it was safe to drive after 5 units of alcohol, but 1% of men said they would still drive.

Diamond managing director Sian Lewis said: "These results show the effects drinking can have on your driving don't seem to have hit home with many men.

"The fact that such a large percentage are happy to drive after having a drink is a real worry as any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive safely."

A total of 62% of men, but only 34% of women, were willing to drive after consuming alcohol.

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