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Gloucester repairs lower flood risk

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Gloucester City Council has said a £25,000 project to repair the city's watercourses has reduced the risk of flooding and helped improve wildlife habitats.

The repairs to Sud Brook, the River Twyver and the Dimore Tributary were necessary after the city suffered severe damage after major flooding in July this year. It is hoped the repairs will reduce any further flooding and cut down the number of home insurance claims being made because of flood damage.

The repairs carried out by the council included bank repairs, vegetation clearance and planting at a number of locations.

Councillor Kathy Williams, city council cabinet member, said: "This work is part of a large package of measures that are taking place across the city to improve flood risk management."

Other work being done includes the raising of kerbstones across the entrance to homes in at risk streets.

Gloucestershire was the worst affected county in the UK after heavy rainfall caused widespread flooding in July.

Tewkesbury was completely cut off after it became swamped under three feet of water and Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service attended 1,800 calls for help in an 18-hour period.

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