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Drivers failing to do car checks

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Almost one third of all people will be travelling to visit friends and family this Christmas, but research shows a significant number of us will be left stuck on the hard shoulder wishing we had decided to add breakdown cover to out car insurance policy.

According to new research by Castrol, six million drivers are at risk of breaking down as they do not perform basic maintenance checks before taking their car out.

Figures also show that despite 25% of people having broken down when they have taken their car on holiday, one in five people fail to keep check of their car's oil, water and tyres.

Motoring expert Quentin Willson, who is spearheading the firm's 'Right Oil for Your Car' campaign, said: "I'm astounded that so few people don't think to do the basic checks on their car before they head off on a long journey. As well as being potentially very expensive, breaking down can risk ruining the entire trip, not to mention clogging roads already busy with Christmas holiday traffic."

He advises that before drivers set out on a festive visit they should do the basic checks to "reduce the chance of spending more having your car repaired than you did on your Christmas presents."

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