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Young blasé about drink-driving

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A survey into the attitudes of drivers towards drink-driving has found that young motorists are twice as likely to think they can get away with the offence than older road users.

The poll by road safety charity Brake and breakdown service Green Flag found that one in 12 drivers aged 17-25 believed there was no chance they would get caught if they exceeded the legal alcohol limit.

And the survey of more than 4,000 motorists found that this compared with a ratio of one in 25 for older drivers.

According to Brake, more than a third (35%) of car crashes in which alcohol is a factor involve a drunk driver who is under 25.

The charity's chief executive, Mary Williams, said: "Without a strong deterrent, young people prepared to risk drink-driving will have no reason not to - and this research shows that, for a significant minority of new-generation drivers, that deterrent simply isn't seen to be there.

"Drink-driving can only be eliminated through a multi-pronged approach of strong, ever-present enforcement and constant high-profile TV advertising explaining that you won't get away with it. This just doesn't exist in the UK.

"All Brake can do is implore all drivers not to drink and drive this festive season."

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