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New Ford Transit options unveiled

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Ford has unveiled a range of new options in its Transit van range in a bid to continue supporting businesses as the self-styled "backbone of Britain".

One option is the Transit Double Cab Utility Chassis, which features unglazed second-row cab doors with the rear seats removed. This new style of cab, which will be available to order in the spring, can also be combined with a panel van bulkhead to form a secure load area for valued equipment.

Ford has also launched the Transit Double Cab-in-Van range, on sale now, aimed at the growing number of firms that require dual usage from their vehicles to move both crews and equipment.

A new front wheel drive, medium wheelbase, low roof model comes with a choice of three 2.2-litre TDCi powertrains - 85, 115 and 140 horsepower.

Also available is the Transit Tourneo, in eight- and nine-seat versions, with the option of tinted glass to cater for the private hire operators who need tinted windows to gain local authority approvals to operate their taxi business.

Meanwhile, all diesel-engine Transits will be fitted with a shift indicator light as standard. This device illuminates for a short period at the optimum time to change to a higher gear. Ford says it can improve fuel economy, reduce CO2 emissions and decrease wear on engine and transmission components.

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