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Blitz on foreign-registered drivers

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Foreign-registered drivers who commit serious driving offences such as driving with no car insurance are costing London millions of pound in lost revenue.

These include British motorists who have registered their vehicles abroad to avoid being prosecuted for speeding, parking illegally and other offences.

The Metropolitan Police has revealed that they are virtually powerless to take action against the 8,880 who were caught speeding on camera in 2007-8.

Operation Tripper, the first of its kind in Britain, has now been launched to try to close the loophole. Meanwhile, offenders can be tried in their absence and amass penalty points that may lead to a UK driving ban.

Jenny Jones, a member of the Metropolitan Police Authority, has called for changes in the law to give better cross-border access to vehicle information.

She said: "These drivers are costing London millions in lost revenue, and if drivers know they cannot be traced they will not bother to obey the rules, which has important safety implications for us all."

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