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Motorbike-test consultation to end

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Plans to split the motorcycling test into two parts will be finalised later this year after public consultations by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) close on Friday.

It is envisaged that Module 1 will assess control and manoeuvre, plus avoidance exercises and the emergency stop. Module 2 will include the eyesight test and riding in traffic.

The DSA hopes to offer more sites to take the manoeuvre element of the test, which may mean shorter journey times both for candidates and trainers.

Chief executive Rosemary Thew said: "Statistics show that motorcyclists are the most vulnerable road users - they make up just 1% of road traffic, but account for 20% of road deaths.

"A two-part modular test would introduce a step-by-step considered approach to riding a motorcycle and offer the candidate time to absorb each separate important stage to learning.

"The new test may also offer a long term solution in terms of service provision for both the agency and the industry. I hope motorcyclists will consider these proposals and give us their views."

The test fee will be split so candidates only have to pay for each section as they take it. The proposed split is £10 for Module 1 and £70 for Module 2.

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