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Petrol prices starting to rise

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Figures suggest that the recent conflict in Gaza and the dispute between Russia and the Ukraine over gas is forcing the price of petrol to rise.

According to the AA, the average price of petrol has increased from 85.89p to 86.28p per litre. Diesel has also increased to 98.47p a litre from a low of 98.06p.

It is the first time in six months that prices have risen after a period of steady decline during the economic downturn. Prices in July 2008 peaked at 119.7p for a litre of petrol and 133.25p for the same amount of diesel.

Despite the slight price increase, drivers buying petrol are still saving on average £8.30 each time they fill up a 50-litre tank.

Diesel users can save up to £4.77 off the cost of filling a typical tank.

Paul Watters, head of AA public affairs, said: "We're hoping that this small increase in fuel prices is temporary, reflecting market concern.

"Other reports point to large stocks of oil and falling demand from the continued global economic downturn, which should continue to weigh down on prices."

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