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Ferrari celebrates its new F1 car

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Red-blooded "tifosi" are celebrating the latest beating heart of Formula One motor racing - Ferrari's F60, described as "cute" by driver Felipe Massa.

It celebrates F1's 60th anniversary, the fact that Ferrari is the only team to have been there since the start, and the hope that the whole circus survives the global financial meltdown.

Said team boss Stefano Domenicali: "We need to support Formula One in this difficult situation, and Formula One needs to come out of this strengthened and not weakened."

Cost-cutting and rule changes are the new landscape of motor sport, and Ferrari intends to underline history by playing a leading role in moulding its future.

While acknowledging the irony of introducing expensive new frills, Mr Domenicali revealed that this season will mark the introduction of a "kinetic energy recovery system".

It is intended to "boost optional energy, and will spearhead the technological battle that the company intends to wage on all fronts, if not at all costs.

But after it was tested for the first time on the Mugello track, Mr Domenicali said that even he is still in the dark about what advantages - if any - it may bring.

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