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Poll reveals UK holiday habits

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A survey shows the Welsh are more likely to have a stay at home holiday, while Londoners are keen to get away and will to book a holiday by the end of February.

As many as 35% of those living in the capital plan to book a holiday from Christmas 2008 to the end of February, compared to just 12% in Wales

The poll by Sainsbury's Travel Insurance also showed the likely-booking figure for the whole of the UK was 28%, with £881.83 per person being the average holiday spend.

Only 3% said they intended to spend more than £2,000 per person.

Sainsbury's Travel Insurance manager Sam Marrs said: "It's really encouraging to see that people are still planning to get away despite the credit crunch, which just shows the importance of a holiday to the British public."

A total of 1,012 people took part in the survey, which also showed 4% had planned to book a holiday during the week after Christmas, 13% in January and 11% in February.

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