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Ice-bound roads cause crash havoc

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Graphic stories of car crashes caused by drivers losing control on ice-bound roads have been reported by the AA, which has had its busiest February for years.

It says that in the first 11 days it has dealt with 133,000 breakdowns - 21,000 more than for the whole of February last year - and that 44% of crashes have been snow and ice-related.

One driver reports being hit by a fire engine, another that "a police car lost control on the ice and crashed into the side of my car", and three said that a bus skidded into them.

One driver clipped a road sign, bounced off a tree and still hit the parked car he had been trying to avoid, while several ran into their own garage doors.

A particularly expensive car insurance claim resulted from a hapless motorist losing control going down a steep and icy street and hitting a dozen parked cars along the way.

Meanwhile, 33% of drivers reported cars sliding into the back of other vehicles, 31% skidded into "other objects", 19% hit parked vehicles and 16% collided with other moving vehicles.

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