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New test said to benefit bikers

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The Motorcycle Rider Training Association (MRTA) believes that the new two-part bike test will be an improvement for students.

The new test, which comes into force on April 27, may even mean that motorcyclists could see their bike insurance premiums come down sooner as - in theory at least - they could pass the test more quickly.

The MRTA made the positive comments following a consultation with the Driving Standards Agency about the practicalities of the new modular practical test.

The new test means that if bikers pass the first module but not the second, they only have to retake the final part instead of the whole thing.

The first part of the test entails manoeuvres such as the emergency stop, handling at low speed and the swerve test, while the second section is an assessment ride lasting 30 minutes.

MRTA chairman Kevin Bryan said: "The new two-part module test will mean that, in practice, if you pass module one, this can be banked.

"Under the previously-proposed single-event test, those who passed module one but failed module two would have to start the whole process again, which would have been expensive for all concerned."

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