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Drivers shun 4x4 insurance costs

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Motorists are rejecting 4x4s and multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) as the recession makes drivers' car insurance costs more of a burden, according to a survey.

However, as many as three in five motorists plan to buy a new or used car this year despite the financial climate, the poll from motoring website and magazine Auto Trader found. Many motorists also plan to avoid buying during March and September, the months when number plates change.

After questioning 1,270 UK motorists, the survey found that 38% have been put off buying 4x4s and 21% are shunning MPVs. Some 29% plan to save money on car insurance, road tax and fuel costs.

Auto Trader group marketing director Matt Thompson said: "We have seen a consistent growth in demand for fuel and tax- efficient superminis and small cars and a decline in demand for 4x4s, MPVs and large family vehicles. It is now up to the motor industry to offer cars that people really want to buy - smaller and more fuel efficient vehicles that are cheaper to run."

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