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Congestion charge 'would fail'

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A study has found only one third of motorists would be deterred from using their car as a result of a congestion charge in their home town.

According to car insurance company Admiral, the poll suggests Government plans to introduce car tolls are likely to fail because drivers would continue to use their vehicles.

Only 25% of 2,667 adults questioned believe other towns and cities should follow London's example and bring in a congestion charge.

Referendums in Edinburgh and Manchester have already produced a "no" vote on congestion charging, but other councils are still considering introducing the scheme in a bid to reduce traffic and cut emissions.

The survey found people in Northern Ireland were most keen on charging, with 42% voting in favour of the charge, while only 13% of people in the north west of England backed the idea of a toll.

Sue Longthorn, Admiral managing director, said: "Our research suggests if there was a referendum, residents would vote against it, as people in Manchester and Edinburgh have already done.

"With the country in recession you'd have to ask is it a good time to consider hitting motorists with further costs?"

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