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False claim? Pull the other one...

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It would be a home-insurance claim to really get you teeth into - assuming, of course, you hadn't left them on a bus.

According to Travelodge hotels, a full set of false gnashers were among the possessions - including a pet lizard, a horse, a false leg - that absent-minded guests have left behind.

The most common items are laptops, mobile phones and Blackberries, all of which would be covered by a comprehensive home insurance policy.

A tad less common were a life-sized cut-out of actor Lenny Henry, a wedding dress (no connection), a divorce decree absolute (ditto), an Arsenal season ticket and a set of gnomes.

Says Travelodge regional operations director Toni Morris-Ditty: "Each year our lost and found departments provide plenty of revelations and demonstrate what a cross-section of people stay with us."

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