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Wave technology used in green car

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Fuel consumption could be reduced while saving the environment through the use of a new hybrid car containing technology designed to harness wave energy, researchers say.

Scientists at Artemis Intelligent Design have converted a BMW 530 saloon by adding a hydraulic drive system.

The technology is based on methods used to capture wave energy, where power harnessed from slow, irregular waves is converted to a steady supply of power.

As the car brakes, the Digital Displacement system captures and stores energy that would normally be lost. The stored energy is then used when the car next accelerates.

Artemis claims the newly-created car uses half the fuel of a regular vehicle in city driving.

The changes have also cut the vehicle's carbon emissions by an average of 30% in city and motorway driving, they said.

The vehicle runs on a mix of this stored power and petrol and scientists behind the project said it switches seamlessly between the two.

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