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Swansea hotspot for motor claims

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Swansea has been named as the place where more car insurance claims per head of population are made compared with everywhere else in the UK.

The "danger zone" list by Virgin Money car insurance revealed the postcode area SA4 as the UK motor claim hotspot with Widnes in Cheshire and Leyton in east London coming joint second.

Warrington in Cheshire was fourth and Hayes in west London was fifth, while Birmingham was found to be the biggest major region when it came to making a car insurance claim.

Motorists in south east England accounted for 17% of all claims, while only 4% of accident claims were made in Scotland and 6% in north east England.

Grant Bather, Virgin Money spokesman, said: "You have been warned. If you see signs for Swansea you should take extra care because our data suggests you are more likely to have to make a car insurance claim following an incident there than in any other place in the country.

"That could mean being involved in an accident, having your car stolen or vandalised or being a victim of theft from within the vehicle."

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