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Man helped with speed camera phobia

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A driver who was forced to take detours because of his "irrational fear" of speed cameras has received help from a safety camera partnership in order to beat his phobia.

Colin Gant, of Lowestoft in Suffolk, drives more than 500 miles a week and he found himself taking alternate routes to escape the cameras.

Prosecutions for speeding offences mean that drivers face penalty points on their licence and an increase in car insurance premiums, but this was not the cause of Mr Gant's phobia as he has never been caught speeding.

However, the 41-year-old management worker decided enough was enough and contacted the Norfolk Safety Camera Partnership for help.

Inspector Marcus Rowe, of the partnership, said: "It's recognised that, if you drive past a fixed site camera, the average person will probably check their speed to make sure they are doing the appropriate speed.

"Colin's reaction went beyond that and he felt anxiety and stress.

"By contacting us, he recognised that he was having a rather excessive reaction, which was starting to affect his private life in the routes that he took."

The partnership helped Mr Gant by telling him about the process and letting him meet the people who operate the system.

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